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Joe comments again, asking about Comte Saint-Germain, a name I have heard more than once. At the time of his influence I was living in the North American colonies, but I was aware of him. My take on him is that he was a fascinating and eccentric man living in a time and circumstance when those about him were exceptionally prone to wild theorizing. The European aristocracy of the time was… somewhat unstable. The passage of time and the desire of some to believe such things make the tale grow, and grow and grow.

As to the nature of my “immortality”, I never claimed to be immune from death. I am convinced that I can die. In the instance that Joe commented upon I certainly did drown- I remember it happening. I am a slave to the very same laws of physics as all others- when I crawled from the sea I was emaciated, my feet were gone, my skin sloughing off my body- it took months to regain my full strength.

Whatever mechanism allows me to cheat age and death still requires fuel and raw material and some basic structure to begin with. Were my body thoroughly destroyed there would be nothing with which to begin anew, no reasonable starting point. My memory goes back only as far as the head wound I mentioned in my previous entry, a wound so grievous (my skull was split open, from what I was told) that it left me insensate and amnesiac- I am certain I came as close to death as I ever have. Furthermore, on those occasions when I have lost limbs, the severed members did not persist, and the process of regeneration was closely related to the availability of both plentiful food and ample rest. Needless to say, in any such event I was required to relocate or be forced to answer questions I preferred never to see asked. If the wounds I suffered were sufficiently severe I would fall in to deep shock and would be taken for dead. I have clawed my way out from more than one shallow grave.

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  1. In your reply to my question, you stated that your memory goes back to the incident when you were drowned and can remember nothing before that. You believe that your amnesia is the result of the severe head trauma that was inflicted upon you. So we can probably guess that you may be a great deal older than the 3500 years that you claim. Is it possible you may be a child of “the Nephlim” (if they actually existed)? Or you may be a random genetic anomoly. Whatever you are, I find you fascinating! You say that you have been searching for other “immortals” for about 1600 years, that is just a little less than half of your remembered life. If you exist, I am most certain that you can’t be alone, so keep searching. I wait for your reply. Joe Bowers

  2. You are able to regenerate limbs if one is amputated, you “come back to life” if you die (I guess die is not the correct word), and you continue on and on and on. Do you loose teeth after 3 score of years, or there abouts, and new ones take their place? I am curious about you. I have only read fantasies about immortals, but to have an actual conversation (such that it is in a chat board) with one. I wait for a reply…Joe Bowers

  3. Interesting. You seem fascinated by the mechanics of my situation. I suspect your fascination to be either feigned, or unhealthy. Perhaps both. Nevertheless I pay nothing in indulging you. Regarding dental issues: teeth that break or crack are replaced over time, but with proper care they seem to last a very, very long time. My overall physical condition tends to fluctuate within certain fairly narrow parameters. Only when there is severe trauma or issues such as poisoning does any sort of dramatic recuperative system come in to play. Everything requires food and water: it seems to me that I am able to draw on my own physical reserves up to a point, but beyond that I require food to push the process forward. None of this is consciously directed, I have no control over it though I could certainly wish that I did.

    As for dying and “coming back to life” I am rather inclined to view it as shutting off and turning back on, or going in to a deep hibernation, or something along those lines. It makes more sense from a purely analytical point of view, and furthermore it is more consistent with the actual experience. Despite the tag line at the top of my web log page I am not immune from death. I am not indestructible. I can be harmed, injured, even killed if one were diligent enough in going about it. Beyond that I will elect not to comment.

  4. MD,

    I am fascinated by your situation, simply because of the fantastic nature of what you are…you are virtually immortal…I know that you said that you can die…I don’t doubt that, although I am sure that you aren’t ready to hasten that day, nor would I encourage it. But to live for 35 centuries, more or less, is an accomplishment in of itself. I know that you said that you weren’t an important part of history, usually a slave or someone of no consequence, but that doesn’t make you less. History is usually just dates, names, and events. You experienced the real history, the human history. I can imagine the changes that you have seen. Everyday devices that I would take for granted, in your younger days, would seem as if it was magic! At any rate, I would like to keep a dialouge going on with you, if you are so inclined. Maybe we could even be friends. Reply if you would like…thank you for reading and thank you for posting. Joe Bowers

  5. You are always welcome to post your comments, or to e-mail. Of course, I reserve the right to decline to respond, but all in all I find you an interesting partner in conversation.

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